Sheldrake Boothroy

Sheldrake Boothroy was born into wealthy Louisiana aristocratic family, and was groomed to become a southern gentlemen. Upon graduating high school he shocked his family by deciding to attend Cambridge University, also known to some as Harvard, in Massachusetts. It was there he first theorized the idea of capturing an excited proton in a lazed form, this would later become his greatest invention "the proton" pack. After Cambridge, he accepted a teaching position at NYU, and this is were he discovered the wonders of psilocybin also known to some as mushrooms. One particular mushroom adventure he stole a horse and carriage from central park, rode it through time square attacking only asian tourist with a giant foam finger that was covered in relish. NYU, gave their esteemed professor a second chance, and all was quiet for a while. Then at a Thanksgiving diner party, a native american shared some of his peyote with Sheldrake. Sheldrake as well as his new native american friend, completely twisted on peyote, preceded to break into the Bronx zoo, liberate all of the reptiles and giraffes, completely shave all of the monkeys and tie wrap plastic knifes to the monkeys hands, and were finally caught riding a rhino somewhere in Washington heights. Needles to say he was let go by NYU, but his desire to teach still burned. Sheldrake is now a streetwalker, and can be found only if looked for properly wandering the NYU library. He has been the ghost writer on countless papers, and his sage like advice has become legendary at not only NYU, but colleges around the world. Sheldrake openly admits that he strongly attracted to single mothers, he believes they are what pumps the blood through the heart of the American culture